Natalie Cowell

As a mortgage broker, I had a professional relationship with Bruno and had been impressed by his strong work ethic and approach to his customers. I decided to appoint him as managing agent for my two properties and I’m so pleased I did. Until Bruno took over, I did not realise how poor a job the previous property manager was doing. The difference is marked. Bruno has sorted out rental increases at both properties, and is on top of the property maintenance – something the previous property manager did not do well.”

-Natalie Cowell – MoneyQuest Mortgage Broke

Lucy Milekovic

“I was dissatisfied with the service I was receiving from my previous managing agent. Promises were always made but nothing was ever done or followed through. Potential rental increases were missed, as were regular inspections of the investment property. So we made the switch and it has been fantastic. Bruno is prompt, professional and has integrity – he does what he says he is going to do. He is as passionate about our property investment as we are and doesn’t stop until he achieves the promised result.”
-Lucy Milekovic, Yowie Bay